iPortal and Educational institutes are hand in hand to magnify the work efficiency
  • iPortal is a paperless complete automated institute management system, in which the use of cloud technology liberated the institute from the data storage problem by expending the storage space.
  • With the help of iPortal, educational institute also able to maintain theirs employee records (Employee salary, Employee attendance, Employee personal information) and various other things.

iPortal as a key to success


It provides a common platform for all institute members to communicate with each other and parents of students by using iPortal Parent App and iPortal SMS services.


iPortal is a web-based system.It connects institute, students, and staff seamlessly to manage school processes efficiently and reduce the workload drastically.


iPortal helps in organizing various aspects of educational institute including student, staff, admission, timetable, examination, fees, reporting and many others.


iPortal is a cloud base system so it is able to expend its storage and working capability with the increase of its users.

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iPortal core fetures

For Institute
"iPortal provide complete control"

  • Managing User accounts (teacher, student, parent) , classes,subjects,Exams, Grades,Marks, Attendance,Events, Notices(Through push Notification on Apps) and many others...

  • Managing Teachers,Accounts,Tasks, Alumni,Help Desk,Sessions,Fee,Sections, Subjects,Inventory,Expenses, Student-Teacher interaction, Employees,Employee Attendance and many others...

iPortal deal with the high-level data privacy by providing the super admin log in which super admin is able to apply the restrictions on the rights of other member’s , oversee the activities of the all members and also able to see others login or logout time.

For Teachers

iPortal facilitate the teachers in many ways.

  • Manage classes,Student Reports, Remarks,Subjects.

  • Managing Teacher-parent interaction, Attendance,Holidays, Messages.

  • Managing Student-Teacher interaction, Class works,Student searches

Usually teachers spend a lot of their time in institute while manually dealing with student records (student attendance, student marks and sending student reports to their parents). Now all this work is done in less time or fastest way with the help of iPortal.

For Students

iPortal engaged the students with technology.

  • Get class Routine,View Online Exam Result, Message.

  • View Noticeboard,Receive SMS, Get attendance status.

  • Get Payment invoice,Communicate with teacher, Contact Help Desks.

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